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Adventures in Writing » Horror » “Mental Shrillness” by Todd Russell

“Mental Shrillness” by Todd Russell

This time around we have Todd Russell here to discuss his book “Mental Shrillness“, which is a collection of six horror stories. Todd started writing at eight years old and has honed his bizarre style along the likes of Rod Serling, Robert R. McCammon, and Stephen King. “Mental Shrillness”, a collection of horror stories, is his first book.



Now then, for a sample of Todd’s book:

Jackie needed body heat.

Ben turned up the bath as hot as the tap would go. Her flesh took on a yellowy-white tint and her body had begun to stiffen.

“Jackie, don’t go.” Ben whispered, and kissed her firm, cold lips. “Please don’t leave me this way.”

The water steamed the bathroom windows and beads of sweat coursed down his forehead to race against his tears. “You just need a little more heat, Jackie.” He went to the kitchen and filled up saucepan of water and boiled it. If he raised the temperature of Jackie’s body just enough then maybe…maybe she would tell him what to do. Jackie always knew what to do, where to go, who to see, when to go. Always, he followed.

The water bubbled and steamed and he could faintly smell Jackie’s spaghetti. It was jusssst right. Tasted so good. The meaty, garlic aroma. He longed for it almost as much as her hands stirring and her smile, oh, JACKIE. He kept going back and forth from the kitchen. Filling the tub and draining. Raising the temperature on Jackie’s cool body. He could warm her up. As he poured the boiling water over her, the flesh on her skin reddened and sizzled softly. Warming up!

Back. Forth. Hotter. Backforthhotterbackforthhotter–

He brought in the space heater, set it on the toilet seat and cranked the heater until the coil eyes blinked angrily on. He turned the heat in the bathroom up to 80 degrees. Ben panted, dripping with sweat. BACK. FORTH. BACK. FORTH.

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