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Sarah Woodbury – Writing Historical Fantasy

Writing historical fantasy set in dark age Wales combines the need for research that goes beyond the world building of epic fantasy, but carries with it similar characteristics since what we know about that era in Wales is very slight. As an author, there’s just some things you have to invent. In Cold my Heart, I start with the knowledge that the Saxons (in actual fact, a combination of several Germanic groups) did invade Britain after the Romans abandoned the island in 410 AD. King Arthur, if he existed, would have been born around 480 AD, but whether the real Arthur—the living, breathing war leader who defeated the Saxons for a generation—ever existed has never been proven. The reason for this is the paucity of historical documents from … Read entire article »

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LB Gschwandtner – The Whole Point of Writing

I would like to send out my thanks to LB Gschwandtner for agreeing to visit and provide a guest post for me. I’m having no problems finding authors to interview or books to promote, but the guest posts are getting a little harder to fill. Having said that, I am truly grateful to LB for sharing this post with us! It’s really incredible. The times we write in. It’s surely “the best of” half of that classic equation. Never before have writers had so many opportunities opening before us. It’s exciting and a bit daunting to be standing in the middle of this great and expanding level playing field. When I started writing over twenty years ago now – wow has it been that long – the writing world was completely different. … Read entire article »

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Cheryl Bradshaw – Formatting Your eBook

I recently had the pleasure of exchanging messages with a lady named Cheryl Bradshaw, and she asked if I would be interested in having her write a guest post for my site, and I said absolutely! When she asked if I had any preferred topics, I suggested “formatting”, and she readily accepted the challenge. This is something that is near and dear to every indie author’s heart, so thank you Cheryl for sharing this with us! Recently I was sitting in front of my laptop engaged in a mental happy dance. My book was complete, it had been edited, my cover was finished, and I was ready to submit it to Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. My novel had been written in Microsoft Word and looked practically perfect … Read entire article »

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Ed Robertson – Short Stories

When I sent out a request for authors to do a guest post on my blog, the first one to respond was Ed Robertson. I want to thank Ed for his immediate response, and with that being said, here is Ed to discuss how writing short stories can help you write better novels. A few years back, I finished my third novel. While I was revising and gearing up to start querying it around, I decided to take a break from writing books to focus on short stories. Not to try something different or anything as noble as that: but because agents, so I’d read, perked up their agent-ears when they see some nice publication credits in a query letter, and because, so I’d read, the sci-fi/fantasy field in which I … Read entire article »

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Guest Posts

In the near future I am going to be opening up this section of my site to allow other indie authors to come and post information that may be relevant to writers or writing in general. If you are an indie author and would like to be featured here, then please use the comment form below to send me your proposed topic and we’ll get you scheduled! … Read entire article »

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