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“Cold My Heart” by Sarah Woodbury

My most recent book plug comes from Sarah Woodbury, and the book we are featuring is called “Cold My Heart: A Novel of King Arthur“. Sarah has been something of a regular here on my blog. She has done a guest post and an interview, and I even did a review of one of her other books. I am very pleased to have her back once again! This book is yet another historical fiction novel from Sarah, and the primary characters are named Myrddin and Nell. When I asked Sarah to give me a brief summary of the book, she explained that it is a story that shows what a man might be willing to sacrifice for those he loves. Here is a sample from her book: Chapter One 11 December 537 AD “Get … Read entire article »

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“Sultana” by Lisa J. Yarde

Recently I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Lisa Yarde. Lisa writes historical fiction, which is something I particularly enjoy. In fact, I’m working on a couple of historical fiction novels myself, but more on that another time. I asked Lisa if she’d like to come visit and talk about one of her books, and she decided to discuss her novel “Sultana“, a book that shows the bonds of family and love surviving the tests of betrayal and warfare. Lisa J. Yarde is the author of “On Falcon’s Wings” and “Sultana”. She is passionate about history and writing. Her love of the past inspires her to write historical fiction. Her favorite period is medieval, an interest which began in her childhood. Since she crafted her first stories about knights … Read entire article »

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“Vestal Virgin” by Suzanne Tyrpak

I am happy to welcome Suzanne Tyrpak to my site to discuss her debut novel, Vestal Virgin, a novel that carries a theme of light versus dark, love versus fear. Suzanne Tyrpak ran away from New York a long time ago to live in Colorado. Her debut novel is Vestal Virgin, suspense set in ancient Rome, available as a trade paperback and in all eformats. Her collection of nine short stories Dating My Vibrator (and other true fiction) is available on Kindle, Nook and Smashwords. J.A. Konrath calls it, “Pure comedic brilliance.” Her short story Downhill was first published in Arts Perspective Magazine. Rock Bottom is published in the Mota 9: Addiction anthology, available on Kindle. Her short story Ghost Plane was published by CrimeSpree Magazine. Venus … Read entire article »

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