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“Rakshasa” by Alica Knight

“Rakshasa” is a Romance Novella by Alica Knight. Below is a synopsis: Libby the Loser. That’s what everyone used to call me behind my back. I wasn’t popular, I wasn’t strong, I wasn’t brave. All that changed after a chance encounter in a Canberra nightclub. Afterward, I began to dream; dream I was something else. A powerful creature of muscles and claws, something powerful and confident and everything I wasn’t. I dreamed I was in love with a man I’d barely met. The dream world is a beautiful, wondrous place, but there’s a shadow in my dreams. An eclipse, broken with a gunshot. Then I wake up. Now my dreams are coming true. My body is changing for real. I’m shedding Libby the Loser like an old skin. I’m growing into something else. But there are … Read entire article »

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“Prescribed for Love” by Mallory Moutinho

“Prescribed for Love” is a Romance Novel by Mallory Moutinho. Below is a synopsis: Prescribed for Love follows Catriona through her wild travels into fifteenth century Scotland. One minute, Cat is celebrating her graduation from pharmacy school in modern-day Boston, the next she finds herself confronted by the sexiest man she has ever seen (and he’s got a big sword!) Sure she is in a dream, Cat simply follows when the sexy dreamboat asks for her help. Little does she know what the future…err…past holds in store! Mallory has been kind enough to provide us with a sample from this story: Chapter 1 Boston, May 11th, 2012 “Congrats Cat! I’m so proud of you,” exclaimed Keith, while wrapping his sister in a big bear hug. “Thanks Keith, that means a lot—especially coming from you,” said Catriona … Read entire article »

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“Perpetual Love” by Jamie Salisbury

Continuing a trend that I established a while back, I am happy to welcome back an author who was interviewed on my site a little over a month ago to share a bit of one of her books with us. This time it is Jamie Salisbury, the author of “Perpetual Love”, which is the first in a planned series of books. When I asked Jamie about this book, she explained that it features two main characters named Anne Wallace and Albert Stuart. This book is an historical romance which demonstrates, as Jamie put it, “that yes, Margaret, there is such a thing as true love”.     Now for a sample from her book: Anne, by now, had re-surfaced and had gone back to gently floating in the water, thinking, “As much as I … Read entire article »

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