I hear you calling out to me in the middle of the night.
Something woke you from a dream and filled your voice with fright.
I don’t know what is haunting you, and I don’t know just why,
But I’ll be there to catch the tears you cry.

I’ll be there to hold you when your nights are cold and lonely.
I’ll be there to hold you when you need somebody only
Just to comfort you and tell you it’s all right.
Yes, I’ll be there to hold you in the night.

Your dreams are filled with sadness and an overwhelming fear.
I wish that I could chase them all away from you, my dear.
Though I am just a simple man that God above has made,
I’ll be there each time that you’re afraid.

Although it seems at times as if those nights are closing in
And trapping you inside those cold and distant dreams again.
If you should feel there’s something in your dreams that means you harm,
I’ll be there to hold you in my arms.

Feb. 3, 1992

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© 2011, Steven R. Drennon. All rights reserved.

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