Thank you for stopping by to visit the official web site of author Steven R. Drennon. Here you will find all the latest updates on my works in progress as well as information about works that are already available. I am a multi-genre author, having already published two fantasy novels as well as a number of volumes of poetry. I am currently working on a trio of suspense novellas and a series of historical fiction novels.

The menu items across the top will take you to different pages that are specific to each genre in which I have either published or intend to publish. Being an avid reader who enjoys books across all genres, it seemed only natural that I would end up writing books across different genres as well.

Please take some time and look around. You’re certain to find something you’ll like!

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  1. Hello Mr. Drennon…Copyright laws confuse me as I am sure it does many people. The statement below is one you gave in response to a question at writers.stackexchange on 12/18/2012.

    “That is, if you took 20 public domain poems and put them together as a book entitled “My Favorite Poems”, you have no right to the individual poems, but you can claim right to that particular collection and arrangement”

    The reason it caught my attention is because I am attempting to compose an e-book of poems by Anne Bradstreet. Am I correct in assuming that you are saying that although I cannot claim copyrights for the individual poems, that I can feel relatively safe (lawfully) by publishing the collection simply by adding metatags to images and using original poems and following Amazon.com Kindle guidelines? That would be great. I can do that with countless 18th and 19th century works. Thank you


    Ed Carlock

    • Actually, the quote you attributed to me is actually a comment that was added onto my answer. That comment was only partially correct in its assumption, which I addressed with my own follow-up comment. While technically you could claim a copyright on your collection, you would not have any claim of copyright for any of the individual poems included in that collection. However, all of the major e-book publishers have very strict guidelines regarding the republishing of public domain works. Amazon’s Kindle guidelines in particular expressly forbid the publishing of any public domain works as part of a collection. They specifically require that you differentiate your work from the original in one of the following ways:

      • (Translated) – A unique translation

      • (Annotated) – Contains annotations (unique, hand-crafted additional content including study guides, literary critiques, detailed biographies, or detailed historical context)

      • (Illustrated) – Includes 10 or more unique illustrations relevant to the book

      Books that meet this criteria must include (Translated), (Annotated), or (Illustrated) in the title field.

      KDP – Publishing Public Domain Content

      It is important to note that this criteria pertains specifically to the republishing of a complete public domain work. If you are trying to publish a collection of works, for example poetry, then their guidelines will not permit you to do so.

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