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For Authors

I have created two new forms on my site that are specifically for authors. The first is the Interview Requests form, which will allow you to fill out a questionnaire for an interview that will be posted on my site. You can use this as an opportunity to obtain exposure and perhaps draw attention to your story. I will tweet each posting once it goes live, and I will contact you to let you know that it is available. There is a bit of a queue right now, but we will try to get your interview posted as soon as possible.

The other form is the Book Samples form. This form is used to allow authors to submit a story sample that will then be posted in our Book Plugs category. I plan to post at least two book samples each week, and this will give you an extra opportunity to obtain some exposure for you and your story. Again, we do have a queue already built up, but we will make every effort to get your sample posted as soon as possible.

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