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If you are an indie author and would like to have your story included in our Book Plugs section, then please provide us with the information listed below. For our other guests, please use the Book Plugs category in the navigation menu to the right to find story samples in whatever genre you like.

Book Plug Submissions

If you would like for us to provide a book plug for one of your works, then please fill out the form below. The more information you provide, the better the chances are that people will be interested in checking it out! (Currently this form is set up to automatically create a posting using an Amazon ASIN number. If you do not have one, then please check back later for a form that will handle other types of books.)
  • This will NOT be included with your posting. We request this in case we need to contact you for clarification on content and to notify you when your story has been posted.
  • Please try to limit your image size to no larger than 250x250.
  • Select the one genre that comes closest to fitting your story.
  • Use this block to enter your synopsis or burb to give readers a general idea as to what your story is about.
  • Please try to limit your image size to no larger than 250x350.
  • Please provide us with a sample from your story so that readers can see an example of what you have written.
  • Please provide a full link to the Kindle version of your story on Amazon (optional).
  • Please provide a full link to the Nook version of your story on Barnes & Noble (optional).
  • Please provide a full link to your story on Smashwords (optional).
  • Leave this field blank. It is used to populate the posting with information provided above.

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