The first written works that I ever decided to have published were some poems I wrote while I was in high school. Over the years I have collected somewhere around 1000 poems that I have written. Until recently, the only way anyone could read these was for them to open a couple of old notebook binders and read the original handwritten versions. There were a few select poems that had been typed up, but those were very few.

In 2010 I started making a concerted effort to get all of these typed and saved electronically, and the first thing I did with them was to create a sub-site with all of my poetry collected together and grouped chronologically. Please take the time to visit my poetry sub-site to see what I have placed out there. I would welcome and appreciate your feedback!

In addition, I published much of my poetry as e-books at Amazon. I have now released six separate volumes of poetry, each containing 100 poems. In addition to that, I have combined the first three volumes together into a collection, along with 150 other poems that have never been published. From there I combined the next three volumes together into a second collection, along with another 150 poems that have never been published.

My intention in publishing my poems was not so much about making any money off of them. Instead, I wanted to have a way to pass these along to my children and other family members or friends who might be interested. I was surprised to have received some very good reviews for these books, and I am glad that I have been able to make them available to the general public. I hope you will take the time to visit the separate pages I have created for each of my current volumes of poetry. I will gradually be adding links to some of the actual poems, so check back for updates!

Meant to Be
New Beginnings

Hidden Love
This Moment

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