“Rise of the Raven” in Paperback!

I am very happy to announce that my first novel, “Rise of the Raven“, is now available in paperback at Amazon! The book is a 6×9 trade paperback with 314 pages, and it was published through Amazon’s CreateSpace. It was very exciting to open the box for the proof copy and be able to hold that very first one in my hand, but the most exciting thing for me was to have my two youngest children, ages 17 and 14, arguing over who should get to read it first! It’s kinda nice to be considered cool again!

BTW – The 17 year old won out! This past weekend was her birthday, and on top of that, she fancies herself a writer as well. She is about 80% done with her first novel, and from what I’ve read of it, she has a hit on her hands! I figure anything I can do to motivate and encourage her is well worth it!

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2 thoughts on ““Rise of the Raven” in Paperback!

  1. Congratulations Steven! I know how it feels to hold that proof copy and see the culmination of so much effort, desire, and passion! Here’s to many more!!

    1. Thanks! I have to be honest and say that I really just approached it as a business move more than anything else. I figured there are still a lot of people who don’t read e-books, so I owed it to myself to make it available in print. I was surprised that I actually found it pretty exciting to hold the physical book in my hands!

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