She is very beautiful,
And she is very kind.
She’s always been appealing
And so easy to be near.
Most people say she’s simple
In a complex sort of way,
But they don’t understand
That she has to be unique.
She has her own opinions,
Which often are expressed
In her casual, carefree style.
She may not understand
What life might have in store,
But she is not a fool.
She has played and lost
In the hopeless game of love,
And yet she has no bitterness.
Instead, she strives to improve
The simple life she lives.
Because of this, I’m proud to say,
That girl is my sister.

May 27, 1979

© 2010 – 2013, Steven R. Drennon. All rights reserved.

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One Response to MY SISTER

  1. Denise Notgrass says:

    This poem is very special to me because it was written by you, my brother. Even though you wrote this many years ago, I actually still cried when I read it just now. You are very special to me & always will be. I am SO proud to say that you are my brother. I love you!!!

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