In the menu on the right you will see a Category called “Songs” at the very bottom. On those pages you will find the lyrics to a large number of song ideas that I have developed over the years. Along with each of these is a link to a music file which will take you to an audio recording of me singing the song.

In a select few cases you will also see links to a demo version of the song that features me or someone else singing the song with the support of one or more musicians. In each of these cases, we were all amateurs in the truest sense of the word! Nonetheless, I felt that these represented an effort that was put forth to try to make something more of the song itself, so I have chosen to share them with you.

Almost all of these music files were pulled from cassette tapes that were fifteen years old or, in some cases, even older! The quality is not great, the timing is not much better, and the pitch may be off, often. Even so, each of these was an attempt to provide an audible representation on my part to help record the “music” for the song.

As for myself, I don’t read music, and I don’t really play any musical instrument. I was taking guitar lessons for a while and was starting to get to where I could play a few chords, but life got in the way of that and I quit practicing. Eventually I would lose the guitar, and so any desire to pick it up and start trying again were lost as well. I hope one day to be able to go back to many of these and make a better effort at providing true music for them, but in the meantime this will have to do.

If you find any song that you really like, then please leave a comment to let me know what you thought of it. (Okay, even if you didn’t like it, I will welcome your comments!) More importantly, if you play an instrument or know someone who does and would like to try to put some music to any song, then please leave a comment and I will contact you for more information. I live in the San Antonio area and would be willing to meet with anyone in the area who might want to collaborate on finishing off some of these.

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