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Often I’ve laid awake at night Thinking about you only, And smiling at the thought Of the love I feel for you. I toss and turn, trying to sleep, But you remain in my thoughts. It would truly be unjust … Continue reading

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I stand here beside you Prepared to pledge my love, And in just a short time A simple, basic ceremony Will unite the two of us Into one love combined. I am not nervous or afraid, Only anxious to begin … Continue reading

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I’ve loved some other women in my past, And yet the love they offered couldn’t last. Now when I think about the love they gave, It makes me sad, Because the sweet love they once gave Has all turned bad. … Continue reading

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You see the girl who’s walking in the meadow? She walks there in the springtime And in the month of May. If you should ask her why she walks alone there, She’s waiting for her serviceman So far, far away. … Continue reading

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Thank you for the many times You tried to make me smile, Though I preferred to be depressed Or lonely for a while. Thank you for allowing me To fantasize or dream, And never laughing at my thoughts, Though foolish … Continue reading

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The sun Shines brightly down Upon your lovely face Enclosing and enhancing your Beauty. The moon Glows softly in The night, as do your eyes, And when you smile they brighten up The night. Dec. 7, 1982

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The wind blew lightly around us As we walked along the river, Our thoughts wandering freely together. The apple blossoms were blooming, Forming a beautiful foreground Of white and green against the blue sky. The mountains stood out boldly At … Continue reading

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If you should look back At the times we once shared, I hope that you’ll remember The laughter and happiness We found in each other’s arms. Please don’t forget the times We sat together in the quiet, Empty solitude of … Continue reading

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I want to remember all the times I held you closely in my arms, And the times we walked together In the early morning rain. I want to remember the love Which we shared for so long And the smiles … Continue reading

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It seems so long ago That you and I shared our love. Do you remember the dreams We used to share together? I was going to be a writer, And you would be my inspiration, Helping me to fulfill my … Continue reading

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