One of my writing projects is to complete a series of three suspense novellas. My plan is to publish each as it is completed and then combine the three into a collection which will be sold separately. The first two have already been published, and the third is a current work in progress. Below is a brief synopsis of each of the stories.

Desperate Love – How far would you go to be with the love of your life? What if she barely knew you existed? For David, it was such an easy question to answer. He would take her to his house and keep her there until she realized just how much he loved her. David isn’t worried about the consequences, because he is certain that by the time he is done, Katherine will love him just as much.

Shattered Vows – Middle-aged newlyweds Mark and Allison seem to have everything they could every desire, until the day that Allison is shot to death in a public parking lot and dies in Mark’s arms. Mark grieves over the senseless “random” death of his wife, until the day he receives a call from the killer, who has called to apologize. He then tells Mark that the reason he is apologizing is that Mark was the intended target! Now Mark has to figure out who the killer is before he becomes the next victim.

Personal Justice – Former Marine sniper Robert Mullins finds his world is turned upside down after his daughter is raped and murdered. Robert is now the only family left for his young grandson, but when his daughter’s killer goes free on a technicality, Robert is torn between doing the right thing for his grandson and seeing that justice is served. (Currently in progress.)


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