Somewhere in the night I hear you calling my name.
Is it a dream, or are you really there?
Do you want me, or are you playing a game?
I need to know how much you really care.

Tell me right now. Am I wasting my time?
Is there a chance you’ll fall in love with me?
I need to know. Please don’t play with my mind.
I’ve got a feeling this is destiny.

Tell me, should I go,
Or should I stay?
I need to know.
Tell me what to say.
Do you want me
As much as I want you?
Girl, can’t you see
What I’m going through?

I feel your heartbeat when I’m holding you close.
Sometimes I’m afraid these feelings might not last.
I think I’m falling, but then who really knows?
Maybe we’re taking things a bit too fast.

Feb. 22, 1991

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