It’s true I once held her as I’m holding you now,
And now that it’s over, I’ll forget her somehow.
Please say you believe me when I say to you
When she chose to leave me, her memory did too.

When we were still dating I longed for her touch,
But I gave up on waiting for it hurts me too much.
The more that I gave her, the more she would take,
And I couldn’t save her from her own mistakes.

You ask if I love her,
I say “Don’t you know yet,
She’s just a memory I’d rather forget.”
Yes, she’s just a memory I’d rather forget.

I thought if she left me, that I’d surely die,
And although it upset me, I just couldn’t cry.
I guess that it’s better for me since she’s gone.
I’m going to let her face life on her own.

Oct. 15, 1991

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© 2011, Steven R. Drennon. All rights reserved.

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