As I hold you close, I can feel your heartbeat
Pounding within your chest.
Then I hear you sigh as I kiss your forehead,
And I know that I have been blessed.

Then I see you smile when I say “I love you”,
And you say that you love me, too.
That look in your eyes, which is so familiar,
Convinces me that it is true.

Since I met you, I want no other
To share the love that I give.
In fact, I am sure you’re the only lover
I’ll want for as long as I live.

It must be love that makes me happy
Whenever I know you’re near.
Perhaps God above has smiled upon me
By bringing you to me here.
It must be love, my dear.

Whenever I find that this world I live in
Is falling apart at the seams,
You’re always right there to give me your courage
Like something from out of a dream.

You’ve always been there as my inspiration,
The music to all of my songs,
And I am convinced as I stand beside you
That with you is where I belong.

Oct. 21, 1991

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© 2011, Steven R. Drennon. All rights reserved.

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