Raindreamer, she’s my loving redeemer.
I can still see the rainbow in her eyes.
Raindreamer, such a beautiful schemer.
She’s got me believing all of her lies.

She’s got me dreaming of loving her in the rain.
When I hold her close I forget my pain.
She’s a raindreamer; she makes me want to believe her,
But I should probably leave her far behind.
Raindreamer, I so desperately need her.
I know each night I will meet her in my mind.
She’s a raindreamer.

Faith healer, I want so much to feel her
As she’s holding me so close at night.
Faith healer, I’m hoping no one will steal her.
I’m so afraid to let her out of my sight.

Dec. 22, 1991

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© 2011, Steven R. Drennon. All rights reserved.

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