Everywhere I look, everywhere I go,
Every song I’m hearing on the radio
Makes me think of you and calls to memory
Yet another picture of you holding me.

Every move I make and everything I do
Is yet another thing I want to do with you.
In everything I touch in every single day,
I can feel you close, although you’re far away.

I could never forget you,
You’re always on my mind.
When it comes to those others,
I might as well be blind.
I can see you so clearly
Each time I close my eyes.
I guess I’ve fallen in love with you,
But that should be no surprise.

Every note I hear in every song I sing
Makes me think about the joy your loving brings.
Then every time I smile at every dream come true,
It makes me realize it’s all because of you.

Jan. 13, 1992

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