Let’s cast off from shore with a strong wind behind us.
We’ll sail off together somewhere on the sea.
With clear skies above and the stars there to guide us
Right here on the water is where we should be.

We’ll sail to wherever the four winds are blowing,
The two of us sailing the ocean so green.
We’ll come upon islands without ever knowing
Just where we are going or what we have seen.

I’ll be the captain, a man for all seasons.
You’ll be my first mate, companion and crew.
Then we can drop anchor without any reason
Whenever I sail off together with you.

We’ll never need worry about colder weather.
Our sails will seek out warmer places to stay.
We’ll always be happy for we’ll be together
Just doing whatever we want every day.

Jan. 21, 1992

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© 2011, Steven R. Drennon. All rights reserved.

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