There’s a cold chill in the air that we’ve both felt before.
We both say that we still care, but we don’t show it anymore.
There’s suspicion in my heart that you’re telling lies.
Every time that we’re apart, these tears fill my eyes.
As soon as we’re alone, I’ll tell you what’s been on my mind.

It seems when we’re together, you just pull away.
When I ask you what’s the matter, you’ve got nothing to say.
Tell me, have you found another? Darling, I’ve just got to know.
In my heart I hold you closer, but maybe I should let you go.

I long to feel you hold me tight, but you haven’t in so long.
You pull away from me at night. Darling, tell me what is wrong.
Is there someone from your past you love instead of me?
Maybe we just couldn’t last the way we wanted it to be.
I guess I really should have known, but maybe I was just too blind.

Perhaps we should decide if we still have a chance,
Or could it be that love has died, along with our romance?
I wonder if I should try to find love again,
Or maybe just say goodbye and let it all end.
As far apart as we have grown, I guess we left our love behind.

Feb. 12, 1992

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