You tried to tell me that I should forget her.
You said that she wasn’t my type,
But I wouldn’t listen to what you were saying
But now I can see you were right.

You tried to warn me that she’s only hurt me,
But I was so sure you were wrong,
But now that it’s over, it makes me remember
You were right, I was left all alone.

You were right when you told me
That she didn’t love me,
And I guess that I should have known.
I should have believed you,
But I didn’t want to.
You were right, I was left all alone.

You tried to show me the road I was taking
Would only lead me to despair.
That I’d be forsaken, but now I’ve awakened
To find that I’m already there.

May 4, 1992

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© 2011, Steven R. Drennon. All rights reserved.

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