You played that Lotto every night,
You never had a doubt
That someday you would win it all.
You had it all worked out.
You picked your magic numbers
And when the last one fell,
You turned your back on your job and friends
And told them all to go to hell.

I know that you’re on top of the world
Because you won that lottery,
But money can’t buy you happiness
And I know that in time you’ll see.
You can buy anything your heart desires
But the best things in life are free.
You’ll see before long, when your money’s all gone
You can still get your loving from me.

When you picked up your winnings
You just dropped out of sight.
I never thought that anything
Could change you overnight,
But I know before too long you’ll see
That you still need your friends,
Because they’re the only ones in life
On whom you can depend.

So put away your money and open up your heart.
Girl, that bank account of yours is driving us apart.
I loved you when you were poor,
And my love is here to stay,
And even though you’re filthy rich,
I’ll love you anyway.

Feb. 26, 1994

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© 2013, Steven R. Drennon. All rights reserved.

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