There have been women that I liked to hold.
They kept my body warm when the night got cold,
And there are lovers that I once knew,
But there’s not one of them that compares to you.

When it comes to love, there’s no one as good as you.
When it comes to love, no one does the things you do.
Is it any wonder that it’s true?
When it comes to love, I’ll come to you.

I’ve known some ladies that were quite a sight.
They kept me company on the cold, dark nights.
There have been others, I’ll admit it’s true,
But there’s not one of them I’d trade for you.

Girl, don’t you worry about my past,
Because there’s not another woman whose love could last,
And girl, I promise you now, it’s true,
When I want to feel at home, I’ll come to you.

May 23, 1994

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© 2013, Steven R. Drennon. All rights reserved.

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