Darling, you know I love you,
And I always want you near
To love me, and to stay with me
Through all the lonely years.
I want you to share my days,
And all my lonely nights,
But only time can tell
When love is right,
And if it’s meant to be.

Now weeks and months
Have passed us by.
The past is memories.
Time just flew by.
The seasons changed,
And darling, so did we.

You grew tired and went away
In search of a better life.
You thought of me as just a friend,
You could not be my wife.
Now my days are filled with tears,
As are my lonely nights.
Now only time can mend
This broken heart
And let me love again.

Nov. 29, 1978

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© 2010 – 2011, Steven R. Drennon. All rights reserved.

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