I wish I could tell you
The way that I’m feeling right now.
I wish I could hold you and feel you
Beside me somehow.
I wish I could let you
Know just how I love you today,
But darling, it’s so hard to show you
When you’re far away.

I wish I could touch you
And see you as you smile at me.
I wish that we could be together
Like we’d like to be.
My wishes are nothing
But words which express my desires,
But these words should tell you you’re someone
I love and admire.

Whenever you’re gone,
And I’m all alone,
These wishes somehow bring you near,
And although we’re apart,
Please believe in your heart
That I’ll always love you, my dear.

I wish I could help you
To think of the times that we’ve shared.
For then I am certain you’ll realize
How much I have cared.
I wish there was some way
To show you I feel just like you,
And darling, although you are lonely,
I’m lonely, too.

July 13, 1991

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