They used to go dancing each Saturday night.
She loved how he moved on the floor.
When they would be waltzing, he’d hold her real tight,
But they don’t do that anymore.

That ring on her finger has made her his wife.
That’s something for which she once dreamed.
She didn’t know how it would alter her life.
For now it’s not quite what it seemed.

When he comes home late, he’s expecting a fight,
But he won’t be given the chance,
For she got all made up to go out tonight
To the place he once took her to dance.

She works up her courage, then goes through the door.
The ring on her finger isn’t there anymore.
The faith that she once had in love is all gone.
Now she’s going dancing alone.

She sits with her drink wondering where they went wrong,
And longing for what might have been.
Then she starts to cry as they play a sad song,
And then she goes home once again.

She works up her courage, then goes through the door,
But the man she once loved isn’t there anymore.
The faith that he once had in love is all gone,
Now she finds she’s dancing alone.

If you’ve got someone for whom you truly care,
Make sure that you tell her each day.
Be certain there’s plenty of time you can share.
Don’t let it all vanish away.

So work up your courage and go through the door.
Tell her you won’t take her for granted anymore.
Do it before your faith in love is all gone,
Or you’ll find you’re dancing alone.

July 17, 1991

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© 2010 – 2011, Steven R. Drennon. All rights reserved.

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