I know that you love me, but
I’m sure sometimes it seems
That our relationship is
Nothing more than just a dream.
If I could console you to
The fact that this is real,
Then maybe you would not be
Afraid of what you feel.

I know that you want me,
That’s just something you can’t hide.
And yet, you’re afraid of all
These things you feel inside.
You can’t help wondering
If I’ll always feel this way,
Or if all this love I claim
Will last for just a day.

I’ll still be here tomorrow
To help you fight your sorrow,
And keep alive the love that I’ve
Been fighting for so long.
I’ll still be here to hold you.
Remember that I told you
I’ll be right there to show I care.
You’ll see my love for you is strong.

I know that you trust me,
And yet I know you have your fears,
But I’m going to be right here
For you throughout the years.
I’m willing to wait because
I’m sure that you will see
That everything you could
Ever need is here with me.

Aug. 13, 1991

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