I have to admit I’ve wondered
If the day would ever come
When I’d never have to leave your side again.
Sometimes I thought that it must
Be our fate to be apart,
Or at least that’s the way that it has always been.

I’m sure that at least a time or two
It must have crossed your mind
That we might be better off if we let it end,
But now that I’m here I’m sure
That you’ll agree that this is wrong.
There’s no way that we could ever be just friends.

So how does it feel to be back
In my arms once again,
Holding me the way I’m holding you?
How does it feel to know there’s
Someone there who loves you, too?
Tell me, how does it feel to fall in love again?

It’s easy to see your heart
Belongs to me, and always has,
And now that I’m here, I’ll never let you go.
I think you should know that I
Will always be in love with you.
I just thought I should take the time to let you know.

Aug. 15, 1991

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