You came along at a time in my life
When I really needed someone,
But even then I thought of love as a race
That I wasn’t ready to run.
Then you changed my life in a matter of days
By showing me love that I need,
And when I told all my friends about you
I found that they quickly agreed.

You’re too good to be true.
There’s a dream that I’ve been dreaming,
And the star of that dream is you.
You’re too good to be true.
It’s like a fantasy has come real for me
And hit me from out of the blue.
You’re too good to be true.

You’ve given me reason to smile again
By sharing your life with me.
If love is a prison, then bind me in chains,
And promise you won’t set me free.
Then I’ll serve my time with a smile on my face
As long as I know that you’re near,
For I know that if you are here with me
I will never have reason to fear.

The love in your heart is a beacon at night
That has guided me through every storm,
And when I was cold, you were there by my side
To hold me and help keep me warm.
I have no doubt as the years go by
And I get old and my hair starts to gray,
I am sure that I’m still going to love you,
And I know that I’m still going to say.

Oct. 15, 1991

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