I was playing with the band on a Saturday night
When this lady stood up. (She was a hell of a sight!)
She said, “Hey there, boy, I like the way that you sing,
But could you maybe play a song with a little bit of swing?”
I looked at my band and got a smile from the boys.
Then I said, “Crank it up son, let’s give the people some noise!”

There’s a simple little dance, it’s so easy to do.
So grab your dancing partner, I’ll explain to you.
Take her by the hand and lead her out on the floor.
Then once the band is ready, we’ll start playing some more.
We’re going to keep playing ‘til you’re ready to drop.
You can take a little breather, but you better not stop.

First you shimmy to the left, then you shimmy to the right.
Then you grab your dancing partner and you hold her real tight.
You take her by the hand, then you give her a spin.
Then you pull her real close and you do it again.
So the band started playing as we hit the floor.
By the time we were through the crowd was yelling for more.

I took that lady by the hand and I spun her about.
The way she was looking made me want to just shout.
She was making me excited by the way she would move,
And I noticed everybody else was starting to groove.
The guys were grabbing girls and taking them by the hand.
Then they headed to the floor and started swinging with the band.

Jan. 23, 1992

Music File

The link below is for a rough demo that was recorded with a good friend named John Gonzales playing the guitar.

© 2011, Steven R. Drennon. All rights reserved.

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