It hurts when I recall the time we spent together,
For I thought through it all that we would last forever.
But you wanted to be free, so I told you goodbye.
But I still see you and me, the way we used to be,
Each time I close my eyes.

Each time I close my eyes I picture you again,
The way we used to be. The way we could have been.
Each time I close my eyes, I long to feel you near me,
But I still hear goodbye, each time I close my eyes.

If you could see the tears I cry when I remember,
And though it’s now been years, I find that love still lingers.
But your love lies on the ground since you cast it aside,
And although you’re not around, my tears keep falling down
Each time I close my eyes.

I wonder since you’ve gone just how you’ve done without me,
And though it’s been so long, do you still think about me?
These years have been unkind to me since you’ve been gone.
For even now I find you’re always on my mind
Each time I close my eyes.

Feb. 5, 1992

Music File

The link below is for an original demo that was recorded with a couple of friends. John Gonzales is playing the guitar, Tommy Macdonald is on the bass, and I am singing the vocals.
Demo 1

The next link is for a second demo that was recorded with the same guys. In this one, I am playing the rhythm while John accompanies on the electric. This is a rough cut from when we were trying to learn the song, but it’s the best demo I have recorded to date.
Demo 2

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