Well, it seems I’ve been asking questions
Ever since the day we met.
I’ve been trying to know you better,
But I still haven’t got there yet.
Maybe time can erase those memories
Of the times I’ve been hurt before,
But ‘til then I guess I’ll keep trying
To get to know you a little more.

There’s no denying that I care for you,
That’s easy to see
But there are others that I’ve cared for, too,
Who weren’t that good to me.
Yes, it’s true that there’s a part of me
That wants to fall in love,
That’s why I’m trying to think this through with my mind
Before my heart catches up.

Every day brings me one step closer
To the things that I most fear,
And though I want you to hold me tightly,
There’s so much I still need to hear.
Maybe soon I can breathe more freely,
And accept that you truly care,
But ‘til then I’ll keep asking questions
And keep praying that you’ll be there.

Jan. 20, 2008

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