She gives me time to do the things I feel I need to do.
So patiently she waits for me until I say I’m through.
She’s always thinking first of me, her love is mine to take.
She makes it easy to forget her heart is mine to break.
She always shows the love she feels, but I can’t do the same,
And even so, she stays with me. At times I feel my shame.

I know sometimes she feels so alone.
I never mean to do her wrong.
She sits and thinks of a time we used to have,
But now those days are gone.
Lost love, like a long forgotten song.
Those days are gone.

I remember I never thought she’d notice me.
I never thought she’d care,
And there were times I wondered if
She knew that I was there.
I remember I never thought there’d come a time
When I would feel oh, so fine,
And I couldn’t believe she gave me a chance.
So that I could make her mine.

She’s never tried to change me
Although at times I’m sure
She’s thought of leaving me behind
And walking out the door,
And every now and then I hear an old love song,
But now those days are gone.

Dec. 1, 1993

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© 2013, Steven R. Drennon. All rights reserved.

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